Ondřej Cerha
Acceptance of disability and perceived life’s  meaningfulness among people with visual  impairment.


Martina Malotová
Children´s with visual impairment Gait  analysis


Carmen Costea Barlutiu
Early intervention


Edine van Munster
Identification of depression and anxiety in adults with visual impairment (the patient’s perspective)


Hilde van der Aa
The impact of visual impairment and  comorbid mental disorders on functioning in  essential life domains based: outcomes of a  qualitative Delphi study


Rob van der Linden
The role of season and sunlight in self reported depressive symptoms by adults with  visual impairment


Andrea Hathazi
Needs of parents and professionals in early  intervention


Halka Tytykalová
Children with CVI: Opportunities and  Challenges in Early Intervention


Mariska Stokla-Wulfse,  Yvonne Kruithof
My CVI”; a serious game that can be used in psycho-eduction for children with CVI, developmental age 6-12 years


Markéta Skalická/ Martina  Malotová, by Dagmar  Moravcová
CVI in children with dysfazia; the team work  model: Low vision therapist, speach therapist  and psychologist


Markéta Skalická
EDA PLAY: Fun and vision development for children with CVI


Lea Květoňová, Pavlína  Šumníková, Anna Kubíčková
Students with visual impairment at Charles  University


Anna Kubíčková, Pavlína  Šumníková, Lea Květoňová
Students with special education needs – assessment of the situation and possible  interventions


Poster´s presentation:

Kateřina Kroupová, Veronika Růžičková
Development of imagination through tyflografic representations as a facilitating elements in independent movement and spatial orientation


Helena Štrofová
Design and evaluate the reliability and  the usability of a tool for the early  detection of visual disorders at the level  of the visual apparatus in children with  cognitive deficits for special pedagogues